HotelMax Hospitality Network’s Affiliate Program


Welcome to the HotelMax Hospitality Network’s Affiliate Program. This unique opportunity represents a network of experienced real estate, healthcare and hospitality professionals who act as not only an exclusive referral network for buyers, sellers and agents from throughout the global marketplace, but also as a catalyst to generate new and additional revenue potential from outside the normal channel of business.

HotelMax Hospitality Network represents is an affordable solution for expanding revenues and market shares within the hospitality and healthcare segment of the commercial real estate industry. Real Estate Companies, Brokers and independent Sales Associates, as Affiliate Members, have the opportunity to enhance their credentials and extend their areas of expertise to include the niche buyer and seller markets of hotels, motels, resorts, vacation resort communities, golf club communities, condo-hotels and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF). Timeshare sales along with fractional sales opportunities also exist.

Also, as an Affiliate Member, you will qualify as a Court Appointed or Bank Appointed Receiver representing the hospitality or healthcare industry within your markets. By becoming an Affiliate Member of the HotelMax Hospitality Network, you can use our training and our credentials to assist you in being selected as receivers and/or trustees in cases of foreclosure and bankruptcy. HotelMax will also assist in the bonding process related to such cases, and if need be, can act as Receivers on your behalf. Under such circumstances the foreclosed assets are often ordered sold by the Receiver and you and/or your company, as a HotelMax Affiliate, would be given the exclusive right to sell said assets (as long as there was not a conflict-of-interest). HotelMax could not participate in the commission in such incidents.

As the Exclusive HotelMax Affiliate Member in your market, no other affiliate membership would be issued within your territory and all related referral activities generated by HotelMax or any other affiliate from throughout the nation would be channeled through you or your company. Exclusive Territorial Rights could be for a city, a county or a number of counties, depending upon location and demographics.

This is an inexpensive solution to the problem of generating additional revenues within your company. Do not miss this opportunity to expand your market share and eliminate your competition within these market segments. Call the HotelMax Hospitality Network today.


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